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Streamlined, Effective, and Impactful Corporate Videos


Corporate video production needn’t be an overwhelming endeavour. At Lumanoor, we believe in simplifying the process without compromising on quality. From the initial planning, meticulous scripting, and intricate storyboarding, to managing the shoot with our skilled videographers, and the post-production process, we oversee every step to provide a seamless experience. Corporate video content can cater to a multitude of business requirements. Be it promotional videos, event coverage, training materials, investor relations briefings, market updates, product showcases, or heartfelt customer testimonials, we’ve got it all covered and more.

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Storytelling at Its Finest


A stellar video marketing campaign is rooted in compelling storytelling. At Lumanoor, we're dedicated not just to narrating stories but making them resonate. Unlike the conventional video production agency, we delve deeper. Our approach involves extensive research, analysis, and evaluation of video content, ensuring it is perfectly aligned with your marketing objectives. As seasoned videographers with a keen understanding of marketing nuances, we’re adept at optimising video content for diverse platforms, catering to varied audience preferences. With a clear focus on your KPIs from the outset, our primary goal is to craft video products that amplify your ROI exponentially.

A Legacy of Success


Our extensive portfolio speaks volumes. Lumanoor has collaborated with a diverse array of clients across numerous sectors, narrating their unique tales through the visual medium. Many of these partnerships have evolved into long-term collaborations, with Lumanoor playing a pivotal role in enhancing brand visibility, bolstering SEO rankings, improving social media engagement, and boosting website conversion rates. Our tried and tested methods, detailed in our case studies, stand testament to our commitment and expertise.

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Showcasing the Human Side of Corporations


In an era where consumers yearn for genuine connections, it's not just about products and services anymore. They seek deeper engagements, aligning with the ethos and values of the brands they endorse. At Lumanoor, we excel in weaving corporate narratives that accentuate the human aspect. Our corporate videos offer a candid, behind-the-scenes look, introducing viewers to the heart of a company, its culture, the dedicated individuals behind its success, and the unique factors that make it stand out. It's this human touch that renders a company truly distinctive and endearing in the eyes of its audience.

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