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At Lumanoor, our strength lies in the diverse backgrounds of our core team.

With roots spanning from the bustling streets of Dubai to the cultural tapestry of London, we bring a global perspective to every project.

This blend of experiences ensures our content resonates with a broad spectrum of audiences, making us a premier choice for SME video content.

We like to take the time to get to know our clients & understand your business - what makes it tick!

This way, the content we develop with you perfectly reflects your values and connects with your target audience in a both informative and entertaining way.
A behind-the-scenes photo capturing the Lumanoor team in action on a client shoot.
Image of Heba Ludgrove, Lumanoor's Managing Director.


Managing Director

A graduate of Ravensbourne University, Heba's career prior to Lumanoor boasts a diverse 16-year tenure in prominent roles. Heba's innovative vision has been instrumental in strategising solutions for industry giants such as Groupon, Sky, the O2 Arena and eMed (formerly Babylon Health).

Image of Lloyd Ludgrove, Lumanoor's Creative Director.


Creative Director

With over 16 years of crafting exceptional content for notable clients like TM Lewin and the Metropolitan Police, Lloyd's expertise transcends borders, having created influential media in the UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

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